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Small Wins for Big Success...Without Weeks, Months or Years of Hard Work & Little Reward!!

A Reminder of a Valuable Lesson... 

Although I intended to send an email/newsletter at least 2 or 3 times a week, my failure to do so reminded me of a valuable life lesson this past week.

The lesson I was reminded of, is that life happens in each moment of every day. If we become obsessed with big projects or achievements, we run the risk of missing out on what those achievements represent for us.

If you want success and everything it means to you without having to endure weeks, months or years of hard work, You're going to want to keep reading.

Size does matter but not likely how you were taught to think...

If we deny ourselves or don't seek small wins every day, life can be a drag. Our confidence, sense of well-being, satisfaction and enthusiasm for life is diminished, which makes big projects feel overwhelming, if not impossible.

There are two ways that a focus on big achievements can lead to a small life.

One is that we forget to live while in the process of achieving. We focus on the project itself and make it more important than anything else, including ourselves. Even if we achieve what we set out to, we're missing so much of what life is continually offering.

Two, when we focus on the big project alone, we might feel incapable, confused, heavy, overwhelmed as though we're standing under Niagara Falls with a paper cup.

As a result, we often don't see or take the first step, so we never get there. That mistake is piled on top of not enjoying the everyday moments because we feel so bad about not accomplishing anything significant.

I dedicate time every day to experience small wins when it comes to my health, well-being and fulfillment.

However, by simply starting an email a week ago for you about having your Best Year Yet, I found myself dropping into a rabbit hole that included purchasing more software, spending hours figuring it out and piecing things together. I let the shiny object blind my vision.

I have a long way to go before I have this new offering where it needs to be. Where it is able to provide real value and support.

Don't get me wrong I'm having fun doing it and even so, I nearly missed the point...

In the meantime, I never put that email out to you.

The whole point of this new project is to find ways to connect and provide past and present clients with a higher level of support and to be reminded of you while I'm doing it.

The project interfered with my daily wins in that area.

Rather than let the big things interfere with the small ones that are just as valuable, let's give ourselves small wins every day. Sound good?

Here's what will happen if we do...

~ You'll feel better about yourself and about life each day

~ You'll increase your energy and confidence

~ You'll likely be taking more steps towards the big achievements

~ You'll feel successful and start acting more like your ideal self would perform.

~ You won't be missing out on, or ignoring the everyday gifts life brings which you believe the big achievements will give you.

What to do about it?

~ Ask yourself each day what can you do today for a small win?

If it's health and wellness related, can you do a stretch today, prepare at least one healthy meal, go for a walk, meditate, do a workout, get to bed early, journal, do some yoga, read a good book, do something creative or artistic, take a cold shower, have a sauna, etc???

Whatever it is, make it something you enjoy or challenges you and is beneficial to you. 5 minutes of something positive is enough and a good start. Good things come in small packages.

~ Ask yourself, what will the big achievement or project give you? Drill down deep beyond the superficial, the things, the status. Find your real desire, need, motivation and inspiration. Is it Love, community, wealth (well-being & health), creation, contribution, challenge, learning (expansion) or something else?

When you find it, give yourself small wins that provide the same underlying feelings and experiences and then be open to allowing those small wins to provide them to you. Count on those desired feelings to show up. Don't diminish them and by extension, yourself.

Then, take that positive energy and accomplish anything you like, big or small.

As much as possible, live as if today is the only day you've got. If it's not giving you what you want, look deeper. It's there.

If it's you that's not giving you what you want, give yourself a win today.