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What is the Metabolic Typing 'Diet'?

Have You Tried Everything Else??

For hereditary reasons, metabolism is unique. Cutting-edge research shows that no single diet works well for everyone - the very same foods that keep your best friend slim may keep you overweight and feeling unhealthy and fatigued.

Metabolic Typing explains why it is that a given diet/nutritional therapy works for one patient, has little or no effect on another, and can actually worsen a third. Metabolic Typing explains why two people with the same disease require biochemically opposite approaches to get well. Metabolic Typing explains why it is that for every book that says one thing about nutrition, you can find another book that says the opposite. Metabolic Typing reveals why there will never be one diet that is right for everyone and why a given diet will cause one to lose weight, while another to gain weight. Metabolic Typing explains how someone can eat organic foods, take the best supplements money can buy, exercise regularly, sleep well, and still not feel well.


* Achieve and maintain your ideal weight 

* Eliminate food & sugar cravings

* Enjoy sustained energy and endurance

* Conquer indigestion, fatigue & allergies

* Bolster your immune system    

* Overcome anxiety, depression and mood swings

* Enjoy high energy and robust life

* Prevent and reverse dis-ease 

* Reduce severity of addictions

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