Holistic Coaching

 Some of the techniques used and challenges addressed
  1. Empowerment Coaching
  2. Life Success Coaching
  3. Relationship Coaching
  4. Business Coaching
  5. Emotional Trauma
  6. Spiritual Crisis
  7. Anxiety / Fears
  8. Addiction
  9. Depression / Shame
  10. Grief
  11. Abandonment
  12. Pain
  13. Self-Discovery
  14. Non-Violent Communication
  15. Body Image
  16. Self-Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotage
  17. Well-Being

What is a Holistic Coach?

The way we experience life, and everything in it, is a choice. There are some who believe that our journey is set by what has been described as a soul contract prior to our birth. The idea that our higher selves agree to enter in to this 'contract' to experience what is necessary for the higher purpose to be served. But where does that leave free will? What if free will isn't about choosing the journey but instead choosing how we experience it? If we change the way we look at things, we can't help but change the things we are looking at. We begin to understand that paradox is a universal law like the laws of attraction and polarity and it is with that understanding that we can begin to transform our lives.

Holistic Coaching is an invitation to discover the process of giving our experiences in life new awareness and consciousness. It is intended to enrich the partnership we have with ourselves and other people. A Holistic Coach understands the powerful tools of intuition and self discovery so clients can make choices about how they experience life. There is a true investment in self as we learn to unfold the intuitive, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical spectrum and awaken to our purpose in life.

You will discover how childhood or environmental conditioning, past traumas and stressors have resulted in self-limiting beliefs that create the illusion of limitation. You will learn how to observe and own your shame and fear (false evaluation of actual reality) rather than them owning you. When you begin to strip away your illusions and discover the story under the story, you create freedom to make choices that lead to empowerment, happiness, success and healthy life experiences.

Holistic Coaching does not offer the client advice or counsel but teaches the process of discovering wisdom and answers from within. If you would like to discover the power of your own wisdom, Patrick invites you to the process of self-discovery and change in a safe, valuing, non-judgmental environment.

Sessions are available in person, over the phone and by e-mail.