Welcome to your Personal Coaching Playground

Making a permanent lifestyle change, regular physical activity, feeling great and achieving more effortlessly should be fun and we'll show you how by making a permanent paradigm shift in how you approach your wellness and conditioning goals. Inviting joy, well-being and accomplishment into your life can be exciting and incredibly rewarding. Let us coach you to finding the inner wisdom that will take you there while providing the foundational framework for ensuring you do. Successful Personal Training is part art, part science and relies on a great partnership where client and trainer both learn from each other.

Holistic Health, Wellness and Conditioning invites not just a change and improvement in the foundation principles of physical well-being, appearance, strength, athleticism and vitality but also includes wellness in the areas of empowered emotional and mental wellness. We have programs and services available to meet you where you are, address where you want to go and help you design a program that fits with your particular needs, values and goals.

We emphasize making lifestyle changes that are realistic and permanent while simultaneously uncovering and changing your known and hidden self-limiting beliefs. Communication and education play key roles in understanding the importance of balance, well-being, lifestyle, self-awareness and physical activities required to achieve your goals.

Let Patrick and Jackie Cross show you where to start and how to follow through.

Our commitment to you is:
  • You will achieve better health, strength, conditioning, body composition and flexibility with our personal fitness and conditioning plans.
  • You will feel fitter and stronger, enhancing your confidence and self-worth. Your mobility and flexibility will improve and you will look and feel fantastic with the energy to match.
  • You will find yourself thinking and communicating in new ways that will lead you to enjoying your experience of life and everyone around you in a whole new, more meaningful way.
  • To make coaching available to you that will have you falling in Love with who you are, achieving your goals, treating yourself better and inviting others to do the same.
  • You will realize that you are the Captain of your Ship. Your goals and more importantly, what your goals mean for you and the feelings they generate are well within your reach once you have the tools that can take you there.
  •      We'll match your commitment to yourself with unlimited resources
  •       If you're willing to invest in yourself, your sense of Self-Worth will skyrocket.